Friday, November 04, 2005

Elementalist Imoene Ivoryflame

Greetings Minions!
I appologize for being away for such a long time. I'm impressed you all survived without me. Congratulations!
Anyway, I wanted to say...Sorry Babbit!I started GuildWars yesterday.I could'nt restrain myself. I did hail you on MSN to tell you but you did'nt reply so serves you right...=) I did'nt play much though. I just created a character, made a couple of friends, leveled up, did quests and joined a guild. That's all...I could'nt play very long. Just about an hour and a half. I wasted the day on my english research paper and I only just got the outline done.*sulks*GW is sooooo COOL! The graphics are lovely! LOVELY!!!!!!! Oh, I'm an elementalist. I plan to focus on fire. I just love the way I cast spells. I knind of jump up and throw a ball of fire at my enemy. I took on a lvl 4 bug thingie at lvl 1! I am so powerful!lol.
There are so many interesting emotes. GW may cost a bit but its worth EVERY cent. And its free online!What more could anyone want?
I'm Imoene Ivoryflame by the way. Elementalist Imoene Ivoryflame.
Ok...I'll sign off now. You all are problably annoyed with having to hear about this 24/7.
See ya all...Take care.
Babbit!Create a character!Now!