Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Can we all stand and give a round of applause..

">Link Yay i'm finally here....=) i noe i'm being lame but wat the heck!!
We all are lame at some pt in time...

The Princess has left?

Oh my God... the princess has left! I sorrow!

Unfortunately, I don't attend SIM (probably why my presence on this blog has mystified some, or so I would suppose) so I will not be available to do her work for her. Never mind, I'll leave it in the not-exactly-capable hands of her lovely servant. And said lovely servant had better make sure I get that picture of ours back for scanning.

Well, anyway, this is about March of the Penguins, that hot french documentary. Watch only if you are comfortable with animals speaking in poetic French and seals being potrayed as bloodthristy killers. And if you love the Arctic scenery. There's some wonderful shots of that. And there are cute penguins. I mean, duh, but it bears mentioning because they're so cute.

I have accomplished my mission to be redundant and take up space. Over.

I Didn't Say I'm Nice

To show our endless support for our wonderful pal, Princess, during her one-week absence from her royal college, we shall collect all her highness notes for her and throw them in the bin and dump it on her loyal monkey friend, Gu... you know who I mean. (Whoever she is, she's definitely not me) May she (Princess) enjoy her trip to India (while all her friends suffer and "drown in papers", as Celest would say). We will all miss her so very much. Nevermind, as whoever-they-are say, learning is an enjoyable experience, we will learn to find pleasure in learning... Someday.

PS: If you haven't noticed yet, all our textbooks are big and heavy, save for our puny english texts. I wonder how we are going to tug our books to school everyday. Maybe we should go and get the one-dollar trolley from NTUC and use it to push our books to school.

PPS: mona lisa, although ms ching decided to treat us for the show, you will still pay us four bucks for the worries and unhappiness caused over your absence on sunday. the money will go to our pocket money fund for ban mian and chicken rice.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First week of school

Heya all,
This is just to remind/inform you that I will be absent for the first week of school bacause my uncle is not well.I will be going to India to vist him.Please keep notes for me and do pay attention in class.I want to know everything that happens.I doubt I can trust my ex-secretary etc...
My poor poor attendance marks*cries as she watches them slip away like water through her fingers*
Anyway*wipes her dazzling eyes with a dainty,embroidered silk hanky*Be good while I'm away. And enjoy the remainder of your holidays(those having them)
*hugs all around*I'll miss
Oh,I think I may need a royal counsellor mine gives rotten advice.I will hire all in good time. Still working on getting my royal scribe.*sighs*The life of a princess is so stressful.Its amazing I havent gone on strike yet for being overworked!How nice I am*beams*
Later all!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Basic Theory lessons

today was a productive day i would say went to the driving centre to attend theory lessons..i was amazed at the bombardment of traffic accident articles..etc..well is a good thing they tell us all these so that we will be prepared when driving on the road and stuff and be aware of the consequences of our actions..the instructor was nice funny, decent, and spoke really good english and i just hope my practical lessons will go smoothly as well..will have final theory lessons on friday and then a practice session on sat and last an evaluation session on sunday which i am determined to pass..cos otherwise i won't be able to register for the final theory test..and then i'll have to wait longer to register for the practical drivng test...cross my fingers..

thanks catrika for that list of authors will really look into them when i get the time..right now i'm stuck with these few books and actually have decided to stop reading to concentrate on erm smartie i think i'll have to return digital fortress to u and then borrow it again when i have the time to read is tht ok?
will definitely continue reading when i'm free..i wanna make reading a hobby cos it's enriching and really stimulates ur mind..of cos it still depends on the books u read..

oh and princess ur welcome and i have no clue to the proper way losing weight..but this is what i've been doing :
cutting down on my food intake
trying to excercis(attn to the word trying)
and tht's basically it..ahah..see me on sunday and tell me if i've lost weight..hee..

oh and i just attended my grandma's second birthday dinner which was weird as you may wonder why second birthday dinner??well the complains were that the first one was not properly celebrated..oh well..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful flower of all

Hail minions!
Here I am writing my very first blog entry.Lol...was a bit stumped at first as I didn't know how to start posting(thanks Mona Lisa,for telling me how)
I hope all those having holidays at the moment are enjoying them and those not having holidays-well,there's not much I can say but I truely feel sorry for you(in other words,too bad *grins*)
Anyway,my holidays have not been very brilliant.I am still fighting a losing battle against the weight that I am forever trying to lose but never able to.My self-proclaimed advisor/ secretary/schedule planner(guess who?)has not been doing her job!I must remember to fire her and get a new one.Any takers?If yes,send tell to my royal scribe who will take down your name for an interview.Hang on!*frowns*I don't have a royal scribe!Hmm,how awful!I shall have to get one immediately.I am so very sorry,all applications are to be put on hold till I get myself a royal scribe.In the meantime,I suggest you get yourself some talents.It simply isn't done for a princess to have an untalented advisor/secretary/schedule planner(which,in case you missed,is the reason why I am firing my current one).
Requirements for the job:
1)Has to have distinguished talents.(the more the better)
2)Must be willing to work for nothing.
3)Must belive that I am the greates person on earth(which is not a very difficult thing to believe,really)

Here's what I plan to achieve to achieve by the end of the holidays:
1)Fire my advisor/secretary/schedule planner
2)get a royal scribe
3)Lose 5kgs or more!!!

PS.I know the title has nothing to do with what I have written but,well,I didn't know what else to put...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sorry, Nothing Much To Say

Woohoo! I've finally removed my braces! Now my teeth are oddly white... weird.

Anyway, have I told you that I have eight mosquito bites on my two legs? What's worse is that all of them, except one, are on my ankles and feet!!! How itchy! Poor me...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Same, I like reading too

Wow Mona lisa, I love to read too. I don't want to read the da vinci code which is blasphemous to Jesus. I like all kinds of fics, just not romance. Eugh to the max! I couldn't stand the princess diaries which was all about dating the best guy. The movie was just so so. >>Pirates of the caribbean is so much better!

Jenny Carroll also did the Mediator series and the 1900 where r u series. The first one is about Susannah who can see ghosts and she is in charge of sending them back to the abyss where they shld go. The second one is about a girl who is struck by lightning but doesn't die. She becomes Xgirl.... read to find out. Of course a little bit of mushy mushy thingie but there's more action than finding the hottest guys.

I like plenty of authors. Try them. On request, I will give reviews of the stories I have read. John marsden (sci fi), Brian Caswell, Tanith Lee, Ursula Le Guin, Roald Dahl (check out his adult stories too, Charlie is his work u know), Anne Rice (who is a sensualist on the gothic, I won't elab coz u must be tired of hearing me gush on eh?), Margaret Haddix. So far these are all I remember.

Cheers mona lisa hope u finish reading them. Too much tv aint good. But still can see lah. :)))))

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Update on our zoo

">Link Above is my link for fanfiction that I write. I update every week. Please come n drop a line ok?

I went to the zoo yesterday, a lot of changes. The giraffes, 3 of them, are near the zebras. They were very small. Two of them are from Israel, another 1 is from netherlands. They are very cute, got the flexi tongue. At the fragile forest, there are lots of renovations made. The aquarium has been taken away. The cockroaches from madagascar have a bigger home. The best part of the zoo is this section! The beautiful rare parrots flying around, sim wild environment. Most of them are red parrots, very noisy. There was a green big parrot which was quite shy. It did not dare to come close to humans. Part of the leaves.

There are mousedeer, woodducks too. No ordinary ducks. They whistle instead of quack. I saw the kawaii babies! Spotted ducklings. Very very cute!There are 2 sloths from the Amazon added in now. Seen hanging sleepily from the branches. I was face to face with a ring tailed lemur eating bananas. Honestly there were other fruits too but he only wanted to eat the bananas! I got a couple of shots of him. :)) He was not scared of me.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Good Earth

i've finally finished reading the good earth it took me a pretty long time to was a modern the words were not as "flowy" as it had to read the sentences over sometimes to get to the meaning...hmm..the number of books i want to read is growing day by day i just bought two more books..i'm not sure how i'll be able to finish them with all the watching of television..the sleeping ahah..i still have not read the da vinci code yet..lent it to you guys but still have not read it myself..i'm not sure but i feel that i should read it just to figure out what the hype is all if i were to count the books i would like to read during this hols it would be 4..but then mind u they are not just any ordinary books they are those thick ones...that have more words in them than maybe even the new testament..i duuno why i chose to read these books anyway..ok..i'm largely influenced by the television and "famous" people and so i watch oprah and then i watch you guys should know oprah has a book club and well she was having this book club session i think and well she inspired me to buy anna karenina by leo tolstoy..then i was watching cnn..and i think it was talking asia and then the interviewer..forgot her name.. was interviewing this author jung chang..who wrote the book wild swans..although i've heard of these books in the past but nothing compelled me to really go out and buy them until i watched the faithful television which effortlessly supplies you with ideas and so i went to buy the books...
i would not call myself an avid reader but i do enjoy reading books.. good books..fiction non-fiction but i mainly enjoy non-fiction..but well i also find myself in need of reading the newspapers which i so often neglect to do...i need to keep abreast with the is an important thing to do but then hey we have the television we can watch the news..ahah..but somehow..watching the news is not the same as reading the newspapers..the newspapers provide much more..the information is more detailed...oh no i just thought of another book i wanna get and that's bridget jones's diary..oh yes because i just watched it again on television...SCV is kinda "bad" because it just does not stop...even if there's nothing nice to watch i'll just find myself flipping through the channels and forcing myself to watch something on the television..afraid that i will miss out on something..when there are more important things to be done..or rather more intelligent things to do like starting on my reading..

ok so these are the things i need to read:
1.the books i just bought plus digital fortress which smartie lent me..and the da vinci code which i already have..
3.and i guess some of the textbooks..

i'm sure u guys would have noticed that my posts are just structure at all to the posts..yea?*winkz*no esl to worry abt here ahah..

Anime Fans Unite! ^_^

Heh... don't worry about not remembering Sesshoumaru's name, I'm sure the fluffly little "the cresent moon on my forehead makes me look like a Salior Moon character" Lord of the Western Lands is used to it. ^_^

It's good to meet another anime fan... I'm a big one too. So, YAY!! And it's nice to hear that homoerotica is accepted, too. Generally, people are very uncomfortable around the subject. So is it okay to discuss 'yaoi' or 'shounen-ai' (slash) themes a little? I understand some people don't really like this.... I've watched FY, but unfortunately, no Ranma 1/2. Has anyone read the second part of FY, the one about the priestess of Genbu (the Turtle (Genbu) and the Tiger (Biako), as opposed to the original FY, which was about the Pheonix (Suzaku) and the Dragon (Seiryuu))? That one has some even hotter guys and thankfully (praise be!) NO Miaka!! ^_^

Not everyone has watched Inuyasha... I haven't. I read some, and watched quite a bit in Italian, French and German, but because I don't understand those languages I didn't get half the series. But it looks really cool. No. I am not saying that just because I love Sesshoumaru-sama. Really, I'm not.

It's fun to be part of a group blog, though I'm a first-timer. Yoroshiku, minna! Here's hoping that this is a fun, warm, blog filled with BURNING PASSION!!!!!! ^____^



Have I finished freaking everyone out, yet?


First timer------Anime world

Hi this is really my first time blogging. Basically I like anime. Almost everyone in here likes Inuyasha. I like the crescent shape on the forehead-guy. I forgot his name already. Let's talk about the anime I love. I like Fushigi yuugi. It's this ra show and got plenty of characters. I like all the villains. I don't like good guys. Except for movies, Johnny depp.

Fushigi yuugi is some kind of sci fi and fantasy story. Two girls who are best friends are separated by enmity becos they go to different groups, Suzaku the phoenix and seiryuu the dragon. The Seiryuu want to dominate the world. Takes place during the Waring Era in china. Have u noticed how a lot of chinese stuff is mimicked by Japanese?
Take the 12 Kingdoms, super confusing. I saw it on arts central, but only the fifth episode. MILLIONS of characters man! It tries to be better than back to the future, star trek, goes to past, present, future. Not recommended.

I like the Slayers, tho the artwork isn't so good. The main sorceress Lena has a whole lot of adventures with amateur magicians. This man Gourry is always thinking of chicken wings. This type of anime appeals to me, I am a blood and gore person (Troy fan). Most games I play are gory. But I love humor too. Yea and Ruruoni Kenshin's voice is like a gay's. I thought he must be a gal.
Ranma half is good too. He can change into a girl when cold water is splashed on him.

I'm very fascinated by homoerotica and homosexuality. There is nothing wrong being gay I think. Drama and shows make fun of them sadly. I think life is downward mostly, so we should look on the bright side, the sunny fields for once. Ok pple? Do not be pessimistic.

[update] Those interested in RK may read the manga translations here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i'm going to watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory on Thursday. everyone says its nice. but i duno...... issit overated-the niceness? my expectations might not be met.

i bought the textbooks today. didn't get all. i think i left out one of the World Civilizations book :) the books are quite reasonably-priced compared to our first semm eh ;)

so girls, we're meeting again on the 28th right? cheers!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Addicted to Dae Jang Geum

I bought the DVD for Dae Jang Geum (Jewel In The Palace) on the day our break started. I didn't buy the VCD because it did not come with a "special promotion" aka free food programme. Now, I can finally watch it at anytime I want (and I can skip the draggy parts too). I do not have to "let the television control my life", as my mother would put it.

Like every other TV series I watched in the past, I got hooked onto this series. So, before we bought the discs, we had to watch it religiously on SCV at 7.00pm. The other broadcasting times were either too late or too early.

Everyday, we would rush home just to catch the 7pm show. It was a routine to come home by 5.30pm. From 5.30 to 6, my mother will prepare our dinner. From 6 to 6.30, I would quickly finish my meal so that I can catch my 30-minute episode of Inuyasha at 6.30. Then at 7.00, I would start making an announcment for everyone from the basement to the third floor of my home to come and watch DJG. (I think I'm more effective than the alarm clock.) Therefore, every day, at 7pm, the whole family will gather in the basement to watch the highly anticipated, one-hour episode of DJG.

Then one day (when we still haven't buy the DVD), we ate out for dinner as my sister ended her group tuition late (6.30pm). By the time we finished dinner, it was already past 6.45pm. Luckily, the distance from the hawker centre to our house was quite short, about 10-15 minutes.

We rushed back home. My mother drove as fast as she could (without breaking The Law, of course). On the other hand, my sister and I were sitting at the passenger seats, worrying about whether we would miss part of the show. As there is no point worrying about a problem without trying to solve it, we came up with ways to quicken the process of us reaching the television so that we would be on time.

Here's what we did:
1) Call the maid, who is at home, to open the door so that we do not have to waste time taking out the keys and opening it later.
2) We made sure we already had all the bags in our hands even before we could see our home from a distance.
3) When the car is approaching the house (about 10-15 metres away), remove the safety belt. Note: This must be done with skill at the right timing so that you will not get fined.
4) Put your hand on the door handle to get ready to get out of the car and rush to the basement to watch TV.

In the end, we were on time for our show at 7.00pm sharp. Not a minute more or less. Phew.

my day at jurong

hi guys..went to jurong today to register for driving lessons..i went alone took the mrt and then the bus the journey was long way too long...i felt as if i was lost though i knew that i was not..i felt vulnerable i wanted to go home..i wanted to cry...ahaha...seriously it was quite an experience...erm jurong is a pretty big place..and i think i'm suffering from motion sickness...with all the bus and train ride..head a little giddy..feel like vomitting..

oh btw i often say "makes me wanna vomit" to mean it irks me..somehow it has become my habit..
but i should change it because it does sound quite horrible...a little disgusting too..yucks k change change change..

yay we finally got a common blog!

i'm the first to post!