Friday, September 30, 2005

No new entries so far... dunno what specific stuff to write about. Firstly, let's have a nice blue change over ok? Whaddya say people? Blue for tranquility and destressors. I really enjoy world civs class, Gaylene! Yoohoo! She's knowledgeable, but not in a geeky sense. I think it is impt to be smart, but not the zombie kind. She makes us think about situations and it is creative.

Have u guys got to do english essays? What are they on? Mine is due soon, free topic about definition of a concept. I'm having fun with it, I realise that most of the essays aren't structured this sem but free ranging. Research is tedious, but it is gonna be fruitful. :))) Later we're going to watch dvd about ancient times. I like the one covering Ramses. Isn't that a pity, that conservation came too late for the mummies? I can't believe their own pple robbed the tombs!! Don't they have any conscience? They must have super powerful charms to protect themselves or something. And the mummy trade is nothing short of Gross and grisly. Collecting dead men and women in one's living room.

Haha, suddenly wrote a spurge. You guys suffering from writers block? C'mon, fingers to the keys k? Make something light hearted.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


hey guys there's some anonymous person spamming our blog under the comments section...don't ever go to whatever link tht person put there k..i think there might be virus there or something it's so creepy and we are having fun blogging and someone's here to spoil the fun=(


i'm now under-going water training to be more like water..ahah..lame..nvm...princess u got my joke..k it's ok if u din argh why must life get so complicated???

catrika..ur english is soooo good..


Hi all...finally I resume my post as a rightful member...I can't imagine how yall evil people just start without me...*sob*....Go and reflect upon your evil selves...only then I shall post more of my enlighten

Monday, September 19, 2005

People, don't worry about the workload. Stay positive and healthy, if you fret too much, it's gonna be worse. Nowadays with the upsurge in diseases, weirdy -------dengue, bird flu and all, it's a dangerous world man.

I love David Attenborough's presentation of birds. He's on Animal Planet and I was seeing one docu. on Sat night about all these really rare and wonderful birds. South America's rainforests are truly a nice haven for them. Sadly deforestation is getting worse. If only we could do something about it. The ozone is gettin'thinner, which is why more and more hurricanes are wreaking their damage.

Katrina's effects are horrendous, gonna take a really long time to recover from this. What is Bush doing? My friend from US was annoyed that he took so long to mobilise the rescue effort. Millions of pple have already died, how many more will? What happened to the funds for emegencies? I think it's a valid point, why do they need to mobilise fund raising? Bush is a lousy leader. I wish someone wld take over, someone more efficient than him. After all, it is the USA and I don't think he can handle this huge amount of responsibility.

God Bless America.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


ok this was what happened to me today. i took a taxi to bukit batok driving centre and along the way as the taxi passed maju camp and sim the taxi driver noticed this tree..and said:" woah it's still there ah..the round leaves..that one can make poison you know" it was early in the morning and in my mind i was thinking..huh?what is this guy talking about... making poison...what is he insinuating..i dunno.. then he continued:" but that one must boil lar..last time my mother taught me how..she told me must boil.." my i am going for my driving lesson and this taxi man is giving me a crash course on how to make poison?i did not say anything or rather i did not dare say anything..when he said u know? i just nodded..what was i supposed to say..i dunno and then he will say i show you how and then feed it to me issit..oh my..i just prayed that i would get to the driving centre safe and sound..tht taxi journey was weird indeed.

profile essay, history quiz,journals..and the list goes on..

ok so we've so much to do and time is scarce.what to do?i finished half of my profile essay which is due on monday..i wrote two entries for my history journal entry which is crap and i have to re-write them again and then i have to read up for history and communications and econs have i forgotten anything?

ahhhhh....this semester did not start well..nope did not..have a lot of catching up to do..

all the best to princess, G and smartie...may the lord be with you while you take ur test and pass with rainbow colours..see you guys on monday!!=)

cheerios=) gonna sing myself to sleep...zzzzzzzzzzz

Weekend?What weekend?

Firstly,best of luck to Smartie,G and me as we are all having exams tomorrow.May the three of us pass with flying colours.
Secondly,I was under the impression that weekeds were resting days.Clearly,I am very much mistaken.Weekends are just an excuse for teachers to dump an overload of work on us and unreasonably demand that we get it done by the time school starts again.*sighs*Such is the miserable life of a student.Oh well...I am done for the night.Off to bed.Will work on all the homework tomorrow.
Oh,Babbit,since you are very free at the moment and are getting bored to death,how would you like to do my english homework for me?*beams a dazzling smile at Babbit*I are dumbfounded at my generosity.*pats*It is my pleasure,truly.

***Note to all:My personal secretary etc. whom I have fired has been rehired due to her solomn promises of doing better in future.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

ah..the week is almost over..

yippy! the second week of school is almost over just one more day left..
this week has been just so erm..busy..
so many quizzes so little time..

another week ahead with more work..but trust in the lord always and again i say rejoice!~

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Black Monday

We'll have to sit on the third row in LT on monday since princess is coming back and we'll not be able to squeeze into the second row. I predict we'll have two tests on monday - econs and hist. DIE. I don't really know what to learn for hist. Econs just tikum tikum. but i hope he just test on dfns. If ask about great depression or those facts, I'll die. (Ok, I won't really die because of that. I'm not so stupid.) But since you all say don't need to learn, if got test, I will BLAME ALL OF YOU!!! Mwahahahahaha..................

Anyway, Princess, I advise you to be smart and not ask me to tell you what's happening in class. I'm really blur right now. I don't know what the hell our comms teacher is talking about. But if you want to know, we'll have quizzes for all courses next week, including TWE for english.

By the way, I think I disagree with what our comms teacher said about Idols of cave and tribe. This is getting really confusing...

PS: Princess, did you remember buy me a royal gift from India??????

Freaked out!

*takes several deep breaths*ARGH!Is this sem really really all that tough?You're all not in some evil conspiracy to frighten my life out of me are you?If yes,then it worked.Congratulations, I am terrified now.If no,then,well,I still am very terrified.I guess I'd better start studying then. *sighs despondently*

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Why is it pinkie?

Um I have a public announcement to make: can we not make this pinkie a permanent thingie? I cannot stand pink, *vomits*. It was nice to have the greem
background, all nature theme. Why not have sky blue or something too?

Hey Princess i am so sorry that u are having food poisoning. get well soon! :))) Are u not panicking at the toughness of the subjects? They are extremely new.
I love Saiyuki!!!!!! I'm so happy with demand tv that animax is now included. Yay!
But the cost is higher with the new plans.

Friday, September 09, 2005

school's tough

yo yo yo...this semester's gonna be one hectic semester..can you guys feel the stress yet..the heat...there are so many things to do! the subjects are so foreign..except for esl..the rest are are..*lost my breath*...need oxygen.

going to drown in the sea of books...cos i can't read fast enough...ratz.

Monday, September 05, 2005

I'll be your candle on the water...

Heya All,
I know you are missing me so very much and are counting down the days to my return.*smiles sympathetically*Don't worry.I have faith in you will make it.I have terrible news for you all.I am down with food poisoning.The pain in my abdomen is excruciating!*manages a weak,but brave smile*Fret not,I am strong.I will pull through.You all go have fun in school.I know it seems like an unacheivable task without me.I know you must be thinking the pain must have gone to my head causing me to not think properly,but I know what I am saying.May my words be a beacon of light to you in these troubled times.Jia you!(is that how you spell it?)

*hands Mona Lisa a delicately embroidered silk handkerchief to wipe her tears*Be careful,dear, it's dry clean only.

Take care all.And remember to inform all the teachers the reason for my absence.And Smartie,PAY ATTENTION!I will need to come and leech your brains when I am back.

I miss you all!*hugs all around*

Sunday, September 04, 2005


i'm sobbing because the princess is off to india i'm sobbing because smartie has reminded me of the heaviness of our textbooks..most importantly i'm sobbing because i have to pay 4 dollars for damgages done to my friends ahh..poor me poor me...sobbing*using toilet roll paper to clean away my money left for proper tissue paper..

sayonara~ see you guys in school tomorrow!~ mona lisa mona lisa men have named you...da dah da dah da dah da dah..sorry i can't remember the lyrics..