Sunday, October 30, 2005

Flu, shared id

Halloween, we usually don't celebrate it. On sentosa there are these weird pple in the bar right? Serve drinks and all. Don't worry. If u wore a costume what would u be? I wanna be a vampire. I love vampires!Sexy male ones with blond hair, blue eyes.

The flu is terrible. I am still fighting a bad cough! So many pple sick. I got a flu jab but it didn't help. only protects against 3 types and there're so many! Eeee.
Can't get to isabelle's blog. The error came out.
I'm all for a new layout, if the designers got any time that is. How about purple, light purple? Or blue.

Our name is also on another blog, i left out the - and got shock when I saw accounts of breast cancer, chemo. OMG. Then I checked the favourites. Phew.


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