Friday, September 30, 2005

No new entries so far... dunno what specific stuff to write about. Firstly, let's have a nice blue change over ok? Whaddya say people? Blue for tranquility and destressors. I really enjoy world civs class, Gaylene! Yoohoo! She's knowledgeable, but not in a geeky sense. I think it is impt to be smart, but not the zombie kind. She makes us think about situations and it is creative.

Have u guys got to do english essays? What are they on? Mine is due soon, free topic about definition of a concept. I'm having fun with it, I realise that most of the essays aren't structured this sem but free ranging. Research is tedious, but it is gonna be fruitful. :))) Later we're going to watch dvd about ancient times. I like the one covering Ramses. Isn't that a pity, that conservation came too late for the mummies? I can't believe their own pple robbed the tombs!! Don't they have any conscience? They must have super powerful charms to protect themselves or something. And the mummy trade is nothing short of Gross and grisly. Collecting dead men and women in one's living room.

Haha, suddenly wrote a spurge. You guys suffering from writers block? C'mon, fingers to the keys k? Make something light hearted.


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At 7:15 PM, Blogger kimBarLeY said...

this is kimberly and u've commented on my blog. may i know who you guys are?? sounds like some schoolmates or sth.
haha. same church?

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